Colour Coding

Vw TransporterCraft can transform the exterior appearance of your van by colour coding your standard grey bumpers, mirror caps and door handles to match the colour of your T4 or T5.

To be done properly this requires a fairly labour intensive process as well as the use of the correct primers and fillers. This ensures that your bumpers become totally smooth, losing the ‘dimpled’ effect to match the paint work on your van and last just as long. Bumpers colour coded without the use of the correct materials will nearly always start to flake off after a relatively short period of time.

Vw TransporterCraft can also colour code and fit a wide range of spoilers, Caravelle/Sportline bumpers, splitters and body kits to your Transporter to make your van stand out from the crowd.

Smooth & Colour code front & back bumper    Vw T4 £34 9.00

                                                             Vw T5 £429.00  (costs more due to the                                                                                                    intricate front bumper)

Full smooth & colour code (front & back bumper, mirror caps, door handles & rear door handle cover)

                                                             Vw T4 £449.00

                                                             Vw T5 £550.00                                  

Supply, fit and colour code roof top spoiler (barn door & tail gate)

                                                             Vw T4 £179.00

                                                              Vw T5 £200.00                                     

Caravelle front bumper and grill package (supplied, colour coded and fitted)

                                                                          Vw T5 £669.00

Sportline Chin spoiler for your standard bumper (turns your standard commercial bumper into one that closely resembles the Sportline Bumper) supplied, colour coded and fitted as pictured left

                                                                          Vw T5 £349.00

Styling Catalogue coming soon……..

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