Insulating, Ply lining and Carpeting - Vw Camper Conversions can insulate, ply line and carpet the interior of your T4 or T5 making it a much warmer, quiter and comfortable place to be.

Here at Vw TransporterCraft we offer a wide range of services to help you get the most out of your Vw Transporter T4 or T5 van.

From full camper conversions to styling modifications and servicing we are a one stop shop for all of your Vw transporter needs.

We use the best components and materials in your vehicle from manufacturers such as Smev, Vohringer, Reimo , Rib and Fiamma. All of these manufacturers produce quality, time tested products that are industry renowned for their long lasting reliability.

Please see the links below for a full list of the services and products we have to offer.

Full Camper Conversions - Vw TransporterCraft can convert your T4 or T5 from a standard panel van into a practical and stylish camper van. This can be achieved by using one of our standard designs or can be designed and built to your bespoke specifications.

Seating systems - Vw TransporterCraft can fit seating and sleeping systems to your T4 or T5 van. We supply and fit systems from suppliers such as Cannon Forge and Rib as well as standard rock and roll beds.

Windows & Elevating Roofs - Vw TransporterCraft can fit windows to all of the panels on your T4 or T5 including tail gates and barn doors. We also supply and fit a range of elevating roofs.

Insulating, Ply lining & Carpeting - Vw TransporterCraft can fully insulate, ply line and carpet the interior of your van in a wide range of colours. Each service can be provided individually and any wiring can be installed for use in future projects before ply lining commences.

Transporter Styling & Colour Coding - Vw TransporterCraft stock a wide range of styling accessories for your T4 or T5. From stainless steel side bars and roof racks to chrome mirror and door handle covers, we can supply and fit them all. We can also colour code your bumpers, handles and mirrors to improve the look of your van.

Servicing & Mechanical - Vw TransporterCraft offer specialist servicing and mechanical work for your T4 or T5 including diagnostics using the latest diagnostic equipment.

Auxiliary Heating - Vw TransporterCraft can supply and fit a wide range of of auxiliary heating systems to your Vw T4 or T5 van or camper.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever the weather, one of Vw TransporterCraft’s heating solutions will keep the passenger compartment of you’re VW T5 Camper Conversion cosy and warm.

These heaters are safe and economic and can be run on either the vehicle fuel or gas.

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