Crash Tested Rock & Roll Seat/Bed

Vw TransporterCraft can now supply and fit a quality alternative to the expensive Rib or Reimo beds. These are British made and fully crash tested.

When in the seated position they still allow plenty of load space behind the seat to the rear doors as well as under the seat.                                                                                                                         

The base part of the seat slides forward and the upright section folds back to make the bed. The hydraulic ram then assist's the upright section back up again (also locks in several positions for comfort). We can supply with bed boards, seat belts, fully upholstered and installed.

Dimensions of seat/bed 118 cm wide x 178 cm long

A guide price for the bed supply only in T5 Inca trim with standard foam, roll edge under knee and two sets of 3 point seat belts would be from £1685.00.

A guide price for a fitted, fully upholstered bed, with seat belts would be from £1900.00.

*Coming soon* - Full width crash tested seat/beds

Simple Rock & Roll Seat/Bed

Vw TransporterCraft can supply and fit these simple rock and roll beds to your Vw T4 or T5 van. This is probably the most cost effective seat/bed system available.

These beds are fitted with plate hinges, so when they fold up the cushions sit correctly meaning you don’t have to have loose or Velcro fitted cushions that you have to move every time you open & shut the bed!

The bed opens and runs on rubber wheels, so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your floor coverings. This also makes the open & shutting operation extremely smooth and light and more importantly, easy (it takes seconds to open & shut)

When in the folded up position, the seat base gives you a very large storage area. Vw TransporterCraft can supply and fit boards to the front and back of the seat to make this area secure.

¾ Width dimensions - 100 cm wide x 182 cm long (when folded out)  Other sizes available (please call for details)

Rock and roll bed (frame only) - Supply only        £260.00        Fitted   £295.00

Bed boards - Supply only                                      £45.00          Fitted   £55.00

Upholstered foam cushions -  Supply only, from  £200.00        Fitted   £225.00

Front and back storage boards - Supply only       £115.00        Fitted   £125.00

Full system as pictured - Supply only                   £615 .00       Fitted   £699.00


Rib ‘Altair’

Vw TransporterCraft can now supply and fit the fantastic Rib Altair seat/bed

The RIB seat is a very stylish and safe system, with two integral 3 point seat belts. Constructed using 'Scopex' foam and a multitude of fabrics to choose from including all the Vw upholstery range. With a range of widths to choose from one person up to three. With the choice of integral head rests and lift up arm rests, this seat offers everything from safety, style and comfort. With the greatest of ease this seat will turn into a bed in moments, and with integrated thermoflex mattress on the sleeping side you are assured of a good nights sleep.

As an extra you can also have a sliding base, which fits in between the fixed base and the seat. This will allow you to slide the bed forwards and backwards by 220 mm.

There are many different options, from width, length, integrated head rests and arm rests. Give us a call for options and availability

Prices start at £1950.00

*Please note - There can be up to an 8 week lead time on these beds as they are made to order to your  specifications in France.

Custom made seats and beds

Vw TransporterCraft can have fabricated just about every conceivable design of bed or seat combination that you can think of.

If you have something ‘a bit different’ in mind call us today to see how we can help realise your concepts and ideas.

Captains Seats and Swivel Bases

Vw TransporterCraft can supply and fit swivel bases and captains seats to the front of your van or camper. This will increase the space available in the rear of the vehicle as well as allowing four people to be seated comfortably in a camper.

All seats and bases are crash tested and TUV approved for piece of mind.

Drivers side swivel base                               (Vw T4 fitted) £220.00          (Vw T5 fitted) £235.00

Passenger side swivel base                          (Vw T4 Fitted) £210.00         (Vw T5 fitted) £225.00

Front bench seat swivel base  (yes you read that correctly). Allows you to turn your double bench seat around to face rearward. Fully crash tested and much cheaper than buying a single captains seat and swivel base just be able to turn your front seat around. Also allows you to still carry three people in the front. Please contact us for availability as these sell fast.                   (Vw T5 fitted)  £365.00       

Captains seat, new, trimmed in Vw T5 Inca with base and swivel                (Vw T5 Fitted) £759.00

Armrest conversion kit, to convert standard single seat to a captains seat  (Vw T5 Fitted) £249.00

Vw TransporterCraft can also fit your own seats that you may have sourced from

elsewhere.  Prices start at £129.00 per seat.

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